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H.I. Hands Massage

H.I. Hands Massage

In honor of National Women’s Business Month, Entrenuity would like to highlight two incredible women in Chicago making a difference in the Lakeview community through health and wellness.

H.I. Hands Massage originally started as Heba and Iman were looking for a space to rent a room to service private clients. On the way to sign the lease, Heba and Iman started sharing ideas on their dreams of having a business together and thus H.I. Hands Massage was born!

Heba and Iman are two young millennials changing the narrative about massage by educating their clients on the importance of health, wellness, and self-care. Massage in society has generally been viewed as a luxury by most people. At H.I. Hands Massage the biggest priority is ensuring that whoever walks through the doors of their business understands that it is in fact an absolute necessity! H.I. Hands Massage believes that wellness is for everyone and should be received regularly.

Heba and Iman have focused their business around each specific client and their personal needs. Heba states, “I wake up and I can’t wait to see who I meet, who I connect with. I am fascinated by how every single session is different and unique. I am constantly learning and re-learning things about our bodies. Iman says that what motivates and ignites her passion is, “I have people depending on me and I enjoy making a difference. It means a lot to me when someone trusts me with their health”.

As a female owned small business, Heba and Iman have had to overcome a number of challenges. “One of the biggest challenges, especially in the massage industry, is having to deal with false assumptions. There have been many instances when as soon as we start talking about what we do, men start to immediately ask us inappropriate questions and make comments. We have learned how to shut down these questions. At times we have to explain that what we do is purely therapeutic within professional boundaries and we have ZERO tolerance to anyone that tries to cross those boundaries”. 

In November, H.I. Hands massage will be celebrating their one year anniversary. One of their upcoming goals for 2020 is to host their own international wellness retreat. Heba and Iman are also looking to hire more therapists and expand their space.

In celebration of their one year anniversary, H.I. Hands Massage is offering a number of promotions and packages. To book an appointment or for more information on the incredible work H.I. Hands Massage is doing, check out

The Chocolate Barista

The Chocolate Barista

Introducing Michelle Johnson

Meet Michelle Johnson, marketing professional, creative director, and culture writer and entrepreneur in the coffee industry. Originally from DC, Michelle has traveled across the country and overseas discovering new and innovative ways to push the coffee industry forward. Michelle started her first barista job at 19 at an independent coffee shop in DC and later moved to specialty coffee where she thrived in the complexities of coffee. From going to cuppings to learning how to train her palate, what kept Michelle in the coffee industry was the community of baristas she met along the way.

After working 7 ½ years in coffee, Michelle’s desire is to see others feel more empowered to “pick up coffee and create their own stories with it.” She wants baristas to know they can carve their own path in coffee and forge a career. The industry has allowed Michelle to be incredibly creative and given her the platform to grow her own business and get the message of diversity out.

Michelle manages The Chocolate Barista, a blog that focuses on the promotion of racial diversity and inclusivity in the specialty coffee industry one black cup at a time. As a black entrepreneur and women in the coffee industry, Michelle encourages other baristas of color to “take up space, y’all! Coffee is grown by Black and brown hands and it is in our blood. This is just one of many things part of us and our destiny!”

Michelle states that her entrepreneurial dreams for the future are to “turn The Chocolate Barista into a full blown parent company that includes creative pieces by myself and other Black people in coffee (writing, podcasts, photos, etc), a consulting business for diversity and marketing, and an ongoing scholarship fund to help people do whatever it is they need or want to do in the industry!”

Go check out to follow Michelle and her entrepreneurial journey!





SC3 Goes to Malawi

SC3 Goes to Malawi

Gift Mungula, born and raised in Malawi and currently enrolled in the M.Div Program at Moody Bible Institute, took a Social Entrepreneurship class Spring 2018 taught by Brian Jenkins using the StartingUp Now: 24 Steps to Launch Your Own Business workbook and Skillcenter 3.0 (SC3) online platform. The class met Gift’s passion to launch his own organization in Malawi that would help develop small ministries operating alongside small businesses, enabling him to develop a business plan for a real estate business in Mzuzu City, Malawi.

Gift appreciates that SC3 is a multipurpose platform able to guide a person’s development of an idea into a complete business plan. He was able to watch videos and read stories of successful examples through each stage of business plan development. He found it fascinating that the entire content of SC3 was available in over 120 languages and was excited to find that the Malawian language of Chewa was available!

In December 2018, Gift was tasked with teaching a group of young adults in Malawi on the challenges that hinder progress in life and ministry. Gift has believed for a long time that the number one challenge in Malawi is that of not preparing. “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”

“I could not find any better resource for helping my fellow Malawians prepare to win in life than Skillcenter itself.”

Gift plans to continue to use Skillcenter to teach small scale entrepreneurs in Malawi. “I want us to help each other make progress with our own resources and to be able to sustain our own projects. I know that Skillcenter is the perfect fit for my mission.”






Little by Little: Growing Your Savings in the New Year

Little by Little: Growing Your Savings in the New Year

A YouGov poll revealed that some of the top New Year’s resolutions are:
  • eating healthier (37%),
  • exercising more (37%), and
  • saving (more) money (37%). [1]
Saving money is an excellent goal. An ancient wise saying from East Africa says, “Hurry, hurry has no waiting, little by little fills the measure.” This means that saving in a regular, systematic manner can be fruitful over the long-term. Another great proverb is, “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” (Proverbs 13:11, NIV) If we want our money to grow, we should earn it in an honest way, and we should save little by little over time.
What steps can we take this new year to increase our financial resources? Here are some tips:
Save for emergencies. Something will always happen that can throw you off track from accumulating savings. You might have an unplanned medical emergency, car repair, lose a major client, or get laid off. A great goal is to build up emergency savings to cover 3-6 months of expenses. Put these dollars into accounts that are safe and secure. If you are young and in good health, you might also consider whole life insurance as an alternative tool to build up cash. You can borrow against the cash value in those policies for emergencies. 
Live below your means. Think about ways to spend less on a monthly basis that you earn. In the best seller, The Millionaire Next Door (Stanley and Danko), a significant number of millionaires have simple lifestyles and tastes. They did not spend too much for a car or a house. They prefer inexpensive clothes. Living below your means helps to free up funds for savings. 

Automate your savings programs. Determine how much you will save on a monthly basis, and then make it automatic. By taking this step, you make only one decision for a ten-year period instead of 120 monthly, individual decisions.

Save for retirement. If you are an entrepreneur, set up retirement accounts for you and your employees. Find out what retirement plans are available where you work. If you own a business or work for a business, it there a 401k-retirement plan? If you work for non-profit organization, is there a 403b or 403b (7)-retirement plan? If you work for the government, is there a 457-retirement plan?

You can also save for retirement using Roth or traditional individual retirement accounts (IRAs). The Roth IRA is a really great vehicle. You can put in after-tax money, let it grow tax-free, and then eventually withdraw funds tax-free. Some businesses have started to set up Roth 401k plans for the owner and employees. With all of your retirement accounts, you should review your beneficiaries annually. With proper use of beneficiaries for IRAs, you can build up wealth for future generations.

Costs matter. With your retirement savings and other investment programs, the costs you pay for fees and expenses are critical. Investments with high fees and expenses can significantly erode the value of your long-term savings. Choose financial institutions that have lower fees and expenses. 

How much should you save for your goals? This depends on a number of factors including your personal financial information, other family data, short-term goals and long-term goals. A great way to address this question is to develop a financial plan. Regardless of this process, it is critical to start saving something, even initially a small amount. You can increase your regular, savings in the future when your income increases.

Best wishes as you implement your goals for 2019! 

Lyman Howell, MBA, CFPâ is the President of Regal Oak Financial, LLC,, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm in Illinois. His firm provides financial planning and investment advisory services.




[1] “The Most Common New Year’s Resolutions for 2018”, Martin Armstrong, Jan 2, 2018




Kimberley Mbayiwa

Overflow Afterdark provides an opportunity for artist entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and products to a diverse community of people, as well as network with other artists, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Each Afterdark event features a performing artist and a vendor. At our September event, Kimberley Mbayiwa, founder of Ricafrica, was our featured vendor.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Kimberley has always had a passion for the African continent. After moving to the United States for college, Kimberley's passion for Africa only increased. She gained a greater appreciation for the contributions and impact the continent had and continues to have on the rest of the world.

Kimberley's believes the opportunity is ripe for continent-based African designers, artists and artisans to participate in socially, culturally and economically enriching exchange with those outside of Africa who seek to celebrate African heritage and innovation. Unfortunately and ironically, many African entrepreneurs face barriers to entry that prevent them from participating in global celebrations of African heritage and innovation. The barriers are many--financial, physical, political, social, and more. Consequently, it is commonplace to find contributions of many African's being exploited, stolen, replicated, and appropriated. The impact of this is deep reaching. Not only are African contributors not getting the recognition they deserve, but the resulting economic loss is detrimental--lives are literally lost because Africans are being excluded from the global economy.

Kimberley founded to address the problem of those barriers. Ricafrica includes a unique online marketplace that makes goods made in Africa accessible to the global marketplace. African businesses showcase and sell their products on Ricafrica so that people around the world can learn more about, celebrate and purchase their designs and innovations. Ricafrica facilitates a global celebration of African heritage and innovation that is authentic, respectful and allows Africans, particularly those who are continent-based, to fully benefit from their contributions to these celebrations. This is an ambitious endeavor cluttered with obstacles. However, being at the intersection of all things African and lovers of all things African makes it clear that is a worthwhile endeavor that many desire and support.

Entrenuity was honored to feature Ricafrica at the September Overflow Afterdark event. Find out more at RICAFRICA.COM.

Love Tea

Love Tea

James and Chastity Shelby

Love Tea started off as “the perfect mistake” according to Chicago couple, James and Chastity Shelby. The original concoction wasn’t planned, but was just something Chastity threw together one night when James was feeling sick. James loved the tea and started requesting that Chastity serve it iced whenever family and friends would visit. Guests raved about the drink and a friend in the food industry offered to test its success at his restaurant. The tea sold out daily during its test run and the Shelby's knew they were on to something.

The Shelby's started their business, Love Tea LLC, in the summer of 2015 and have introduced seven additional tea flavors since their beginning. Love Tea is offered in several local restaurants and the Shelby's hope to one day see it offered in stores like Whole Foods and Marianos. Like most entrepreneurial endeavors, building their business has required a great deal of commitment and hard work. The duo personally handles every aspect of their business--from marketing to tea production to delivering orders. They say being in business together as husband and wife has been amazing! "It has pulled out so much strength, determination, and dedication ... not only for the business but for our marriage."

This summer, Overflow added Love Tea to its drink menu. It's a perfect match with Overflow Coffee Bar--not only does it add to the variety of the drink menu, Love Tea gives provides customers with an opportunity to add value to the community by supporting local business. As the owner of Overflow Coffee Bar, Entrenuity is committed to supporting entrepreneurs for real success by providing opportunities for pre-existing businesses to increase sustainability. Love Tea is the third small business Overflow Coffee Bar has partnered with in the past 7 months.

Overflow is featuring Love Tea's Sweet Heart strawberry lemonade, Sunshine honey lemonade, Grandma's Love traditional sweet tea, and Couples Retreat mint lemonade. 

Love Tea can be found at Overflow Coffee Bar 7 days a week during our regular business hours. Feel free to stop in and order a Love Tea to go with one of of our delicious sandwiches!


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