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Determined to be the change she wanted to see in the world, pastor, educator, and urban farmer Shaunte Brewer founded @VISIONOutreach. With just a vision and an initial donation of $50, Shaunte stepped out on faith with great conviction that she could make a difference in the lives of Chicago youth.

VISION Outreach is a youth-focused community outreach program with the sole purpose of helping the youth of Chicago and surrounding areas progress and excel. VISION's mission is to provide a morale boost to youth--installing hope, optimism, inspiration, and positive practices in their lives. The organization seeks to empower youth by providing education, inspiration, and revelation. ​

The pandemic sparked a shift in Shaunte's personal and professional life. While she missed being in the classroom with Chicago youth, she enjoyed documenting her journey of transforming her personal backyard into a mini urban farm and becoming a certified urban farmer. Shaunte is pleased to be back in the classroom and has added urban agriculture to VISION Outreach's programming with VISION Urban Ag.

VISION Urban Ag brings tangible results to school communities, providing youth a sense of agency and empowerment to change the landscape of their school community as well as improve their mental and physical health. Participants learn life skills that assist in the fight against food insecurity, economic disadvantages, childhood obesity, and poor eating habits. 

Shaunte receives business and leadership coaching from Entrenuity founder L. Brian Jenkins, focusing on effective pricing strategies for VISION Outreach. She was also the focus of a recent collegiate article highlighting her work in Chicago.


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