Imagery by Chi

Imagery by Chi

Yolanda Richards-Albert

Yolanda Richards-Albert, founder of Imagery by Chi and Entrenuity's photographer of choice, has been working as a professional photographer since 2015, focusing mainly on event photography and headshots/portraits. 

Yolanda loves capturing life's meaningful and precious moments. She specializes in creating a relaxed vibe to ensure her clients feel comfortable when she's capturing their image. She's found that most people don't like having their picture taken. However, she takes joy in creating spaces that make others feel at ease, making the process one that they can enjoy instead of just tolerate.

Yolanda is especially excited about her recent photo series capturing portraits of POAD--People of African Descent. She dreamed about the project for over a year and believes it's important because "Black is Beautiful. Black is bold in portrait form. Black representation matters ... and although images of Black people in media have significantly grown, they're still just scratching the surface."

 >>>CLICK HERE  to see her digital photo series.

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