H.I. Hands Massage

H.I. Hands Massage

In honor of National Women’s Business Month, Entrenuity would like to highlight two incredible women in Chicago making a difference in the Lakeview community through health and wellness.

H.I. Hands Massage originally started as Heba and Iman were looking for a space to rent a room to service private clients. On the way to sign the lease, Heba and Iman started sharing ideas on their dreams of having a business together and thus H.I. Hands Massage was born!

Heba and Iman are two young millennials changing the narrative about massage by educating their clients on the importance of health, wellness, and self-care. Massage in society has generally been viewed as a luxury by most people. At H.I. Hands Massage the biggest priority is ensuring that whoever walks through the doors of their business understands that it is in fact an absolute necessity! H.I. Hands Massage believes that wellness is for everyone and should be received regularly.

Heba and Iman have focused their business around each specific client and their personal needs. Heba states, “I wake up and I can’t wait to see who I meet, who I connect with. I am fascinated by how every single session is different and unique. I am constantly learning and re-learning things about our bodies. Iman says that what motivates and ignites her passion is, “I have people depending on me and I enjoy making a difference. It means a lot to me when someone trusts me with their health”.

As a female owned small business, Heba and Iman have had to overcome a number of challenges. “One of the biggest challenges, especially in the massage industry, is having to deal with false assumptions. There have been many instances when as soon as we start talking about what we do, men start to immediately ask us inappropriate questions and make comments. We have learned how to shut down these questions. At times we have to explain that what we do is purely therapeutic within professional boundaries and we have ZERO tolerance to anyone that tries to cross those boundaries”. 

In November, H.I. Hands massage will be celebrating their one year anniversary. One of their upcoming goals for 2020 is to host their own international wellness retreat. Heba and Iman are also looking to hire more therapists and expand their space.

In celebration of their one year anniversary, H.I. Hands Massage is offering a number of promotions and packages. To book an appointment or for more information on the incredible work H.I. Hands Massage is doing, check out www.hihandsmassage.com