Im Speaking! Mox.E Workshop Nov 11- final-1

"I'm Speaking!" Announcing our Next Mox.E Event for Women

About this event:

It's not a new conversation–women have usually had a back seat when it comes to conversations in the workplace. Most of us have struggled throughout our careers to learn how to speak up for ourselves.

Why? Well, if we don't, we typically get passed over for opportunities or promotions. If we don't speak our professional opinion, business and organizational decisions don't have the important insights that WE see from the inside. That can result in major fall-out. Our voices are important!

However, if we do speak up and make ourselves heard, we often run the risk of being considered "overbearing" or "bossy" or.... perhaps another "b" word.

It can create stressful angst, especially for the young female professional or entrepreneur.

But to grow and succeed, we must face these challenges and learn why and how to speak up in often male-dominated environments.

This is why we need to learn from women like Renita Alexander. With a career in one of the most male-dominated industries in the world–the U.S. military–Renita, as a Black Woman, learned how to be heard and rise in the ranks and eventually become a United States Air Force Colonel.