Mox.E Member Spotlight

Mox.E Member Spotlight

Zach and Brotherhood Mentoring

Zachary Strother, MA., has been teaching, mentoring, and training young people for over 20 years. Zach has been both a public and private school teacher, founded a Christian School, worked with the renowned Youth Guidance Becoming a Man clinical counseling program, and currently works as an officer with the Chicago Police Department. Zach serves on several advisory boards, providing strategic consulting in the area of reengaging youth in work and school.

Zach recently founded BROTHERHOOD MENTORING, a faith-based, trauma-informed mentoring and team collaboration program that promotes social, emotional, and spiritual growth in urban youth. Brotherhood Mentoring targets youth ages 11-17 who are referred by teachers, counselors, police officers, pastors, or other youth-serving professionals as being at-risk of not reaching their full potential due to challenges at home, school, or in their neighborhood. Brotherhood addresses relationship skills, responsibility, and decision-making related to personal life, educational success, and manhood. Statistics show that youth who have a mentor are 50% more likely to attend college, 46% less likely to abuse drugs, and 130% more likely to hold leadership positions.

Zach founded Brotherhood due to the difference mentoring made in his own life and the lives of his closest friends. “Growing up in a violent neighborhood, our lives were shaped by mentors who spent time with us, shared with us the Gospel, taught us responsibility, modeled love of neighbor, and showed us how to be husbands and fathers.”

Brotherhood Gym Shoe Ball: July 23