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According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly 70% of American teenagers indicated they wanted to learn how to start their own business.

But studies show that high school seniors only achieve an average score of 40% on basic economic literacy tests. These dismal statistics mean that many of these teenagers do not have the skills required to succeed in business. We believe that entrepreneurship and business

education is an effective way to reverse this trend: teaching teenagers to manage their resources - time, talent and money - enables them to develop the skills necessary to become successful participants within the economic system.

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Creating true wealth business ventures

Our goal is for students to understand business fundamentals, integrate Christian principles in business operations, create a business plan and start an operational business.

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Entrenuity Summer Business Camps

Entrenuity partners with colleges and universities to provide a one week business planning fundamentals course for high school students. Students are divided into teams and apply their newly learned business planning skills to help an existing business improve its operation. Students present their business plan to judges who evaluate the business plan.

Entrenuity Summer Business Camps are fun and exciting experience and give the youth an opportunity to learn more about the hosting college/university as a potential choice for their secondary education. Wheaton College hosted the first ever Entrenuity Summer Business Camp in 2005. 

Entrenuity Summer Business Camp