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L. Brian Jenkins - featured in THRIVE GLOBAL

June 16, 2021

Brian Jenkins of Entrenuity: “Leadership requires being accountable for your actions”

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L. Brian Jenkins - featured in Authority Magazine

June 16, 2021

Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Brian Jenkins of Entrenuity Is Helping To Change Our World

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L. Brian Jenkins on BNC

June 1, 2021

BNC is an independent network, minority-owned and operated and the nation’s only provider of 24/7 cable news programming created “by people of color for people of color.” Here, BNC talks to L. Brian Jenkins about supporting Black, Latinx and Women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Bring the Crowd!

May 17, 2021

Learn how equity crowdfunding can move your business forward.


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Nonprofits Reimagined

May 11, 2021

Join L. Brian Jenkins with Mickey Desai for a Virtual Roundtable on funding strategies for nonprofit sustainability, with additional panelists Jenni Hargrove and Chrystal Cherry.

We want your nonprofit to shift from dependency to sustainability...from surviving to thriving! Join me next Thursday, May 20th 11:00am CST/9:00am PST as fellow leaders and I discuss innovative funding strategies for nonprofit sustainability. Let's lunch and learn together live on Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live or Youtube.


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Morning Inspirations with Tracy Morgan

April 30, 2021

Veteran syndicated radio personality, Tracy Morgan, hosts “Morning Inspirations with Tracy Morgan” on DC's legendary Adult R&B radio station WHUR 96.3 FM. In this episode, she interviews L. Brian Jenkins about Entrenuity.

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