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Entrepreneurship in Times of Trouble

In light of COVID 19 concerns, small business owners and entrepreneurs have the opportunity and necessity to innovate like never before!

Entrepreneurship in Times of Trouble

In the words of L. Brian Jenkins, “calamity  creates opportunity.” In light of today’s events and COVID 19 concerns, we as small business owners and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to innovate like never before. Over the course of the next 8 weeks and perhaps even longer, we hope you will think outside the box and ask the questions, “what are the needs" and "what can I do to help?" Look for opportunities  in the face of adversity to solve a problem in the marketplace or provide a needed service. Below are some tips and resources brought to you by the Entrenuity team during this time.

Look for alternative sources of revenue: Maybe you have been sitting on a business plan for a while now and haven’t had the time to put that plan into action. Take this time to build out your business plan and turn your idea into an invoice. Start your business plan by signing up for a free SC3 trial membership through

Be a constant learner.  Ask yourself the question, “Am I learning something new daily?” With all the uncertainty right now, it’s important to keep your mind busy. How are you growing your ideas? What other industry experts are you listening to, reading about, learning from? Subscribe to KMNP SHIFT , A podcast designed to help you move from dependency to stability in your business or read Know More Nonprofits: Moving From Dependency to Sustainability, available on Amazon

Get creative with communication. Do you have a recent event that has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus? Make sure you are communicating with your clients and community, even if you can’t meet up in person. Leverage social media platforms to your advantage and learn how to host live events with this link:

Support your community with a majority of restaurants, coffee shops, and small businesses closing down for dine-in business, the need for community support is crucial. Reach out to business groups in your area via social media to find out what they're doing to adapt and how you can support them. Common Cup will be open this week for carry-out only. Grab a cup of coffee to go and please tip! 

Finally, make sure you're helping, not hurting. Entrenuity doesn't advocate for the kind of entrepreneurship that stockpiles necessities like hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and then tries to sell those items at increased prices in a time of global need. Be smart, not selfish.

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