Moxe Director of Operations

Angela Madaha Transitions to Full-time Mox.E Director of Operations


Angela Madaha has two loves: business and community. Both are intricately tied to one another, so she helps develop businesses that are good and do good for the community. She has been a part of the Entrenuity team for many years as a small business consultant and Facilitator of the StartingUp Now entrepreneurship curriculum. Additionally, she's coached for-profit, nonprofit, and social enterprise entrepreneurs on a consistent basis, helping them set SMART goals and guiding them along the precarious first years of business start-up. She has traveled extensively and worked with social enterprises that support survivors of human trafficking.  

Angela formerly joined Entrenuity in the capacity as Mox.E Interim Director of Operations in March and will transition into full-time Mox.E Director of Operations as of July 1. She will spend her time overseeing all departments of Mox.E, running the Mox.E Collaborative, developing relationships with founders and investors, and organizing workshops for under-represented founders. 

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