Training includes:

StartingUp Now: 24 Steps to Launch Your Own Business (print version) simplifies necessary business aspects, using real-life scenarios to provide critical guidance through each aspect of business development.

StartingUp Now: Facilitator Guide (print version) teaches instructors how to use StartingUp Now as a business planning resource for startups, first and secondary school systems, colleges, prisons, churches and community organizations.

StartingUp Now Business Simulation Game experience is an experiential, team-based, high-energy, competitive, activity that reinforces the 24 key principles from the book: StartingUp Now: 24 Steps to Launch a Business. By assuming the role of manufacturers and retailers in a simulated business environment, participants make decisions about realistic challenges including pricing, costing, financial planning, and reactions to unexpected events. Participants practice skills in financial literacy, record-keeping, risk management, and initiative, experimenting with new behaviors, business strategies, team communication, competitive analysis, and negotiating—all while having fun! Applicable to both youth and adults. (Game available for purchase.)

SUNSuite Web-Based App Suite (Beta Version) includes the content Dashboard with real-time updates, SUN Books with StartingUp Now: 24 Steps interactive content and lesson plans (compatible with Google Classroom), SUN CFO-Pro Financial Tool, SUN Talks app with SUN Talks video series and learning guides, and SUN Program Planner (app descriptions below).

SUNTalks includes text, video and audio content from industry experts, including the SUN Talks video series. Each 5-7 minute video segment corresponds to a chapter in StartingUp Now: 24 Steps and includes an interactive Learning Guide to help entrepreneus capture the content and guide them to apply the content to their own business.

SUN CFO-Pro is the premium version of SUN CFO, offering additional features that allow users to save data to their account and then access it on both mobile and desktop devices. Includes monthly revenue projections (not just yearly) with added graphs and charts for data review. Information exports to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

SUNPP is a mobile responsive, web-based application with real-time analytics for planning sustainable programs, offering labor cost control, inventory and supply management, collaboration with team members, and information exports to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Adult Trainings

Facilitator training


Entrenuity | Mox.E

1449 S Michigan Ave, 2nd Fl

Chicago, IL 60605


May 23 - 26, 2023

Event Details

SUN 3.5 Day Facilitator Training will prepare instructors to guide new and experienced entrepreneurs through the business planning process using SUN tools and resources.

Cost $995/person

(call 312-842-3800 for group pricing)

Training Overview

Learn to coach, guide, and train entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses using the StartingUp Now (SUN) System:

Learn small business dynamics in a team-based, high-energy, competitive format. Fun for both youth and adults!

  • SUN:24 Steps to Launch Your Own Business book and Facilitator Guide
  • SUN Suite (Beta) subscription (1-year access with option to renew):
      • SUN Books app with 24 Steps interactive content and lesson plans
      • SUN Talks app with SUN Talks videos and learning guides, curated content, podcasts, and more!
      • SUN CFO Pro financial planning app
      • SUN Program Planner app

SUN Facilitators will learn to guide entrepreneurs to:

  • Identify the "Big Idea"
  • Determine "Market Viability"
  • Create Financial Statements
  • Price Products and Services
  • ...and more!

Class size limited to 15. Reserve your spot today!